$2 Billion+ in Transactions Since 2016

Across sectors including health care, commercial real estate, agriculture, technology, hospitality & leisure and energy.

At Barenberg Capital Partners, our vast network of connections and resources gives us the ability to provide solutions for our clients in even some of the most unique situations.  The distinct value we add to our clients comes from the strength of our advisory team, composed of legal and banking professionals with a focus on corporate finance.

Our specialty lies in leveraging the capital markets in both the U.S. and Europe to provide early stage and emerging growth companies with access to capital.   For larger projects revolving around real estate or other assets ($50M+), we utilize a specific type of mezzanine financing for qualified issuers. 


Global Presence U.S. | Europe | Africa | AsiaPac


For private equity and venture capital transactions, we look at companies, their management, their definition of the market and how it is addressed before making our investment decisions. Proprietary technology, patents and exclusive IP also play a large role as well as other contributing factors.

BCP’s global network of strategic industry contacts includes institutions, consultants, fund managers, investment bankers and C-level executives to provide management, marketing and operations assistance to our partner companies.


M&A Advisory

The M&A Advisory Unit at Barenberg Capital Partners specializes in facilitating transactions in various sectors around the globe.  We can assist companies through all stages of the M&A process in addition to providing additional capital if needed.  Transactions typically range from $3mm to $100mm, but we have the resources and the experience to provide both advisory and capital solutions on transactions that are significantly higher.

Investor Relations

There are a number of firms that can design communications material to be read by potential investors and other market participants, but there aren’t many firms that can distribute such material beyond standard PR/media channels.  Our IR team combines traditional and proprietary methods to maximize exposure and provide multiple layers of value to both our corporate clients and their target market.

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