About Us

Barenberg Capital Partners, LLC (“BCP”) specializes in assisting institutional and accredited investors achieve their goals through the design and management of alternative investment programs. Our flagship fund, the BCP Absolute Return Fund L.P. aims to provide superior returns by leveraging our knowledge of the equities, futures and options markets. The managing partners of BCP have extensive experience in the financial industry and also provide advisory solutions for private equity, venture capital and M&A transactions.

Barenberg Capital Partners. Areas of Focus

BCP has positioned itself as a leading intermediary to provide debt and equity financing solutions to clients all over the world.  We actively work with both public and private companies in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.  The relationships we have cultivated in combination with the principles of our firm allow us to deliver superior results and dedicated service to our clients.


Barenberg Capital Partners. Clients by Region.

Our Fund

We believe the most important factor in investing is portfolio management and fully committing our resources to unlock the full potential of our funds.
For the BCP Absolute Return Fund, we combine trend-following technical analysis with discretionary, active management as well as automated high frequency trading.

*There can be no assurance that any investment objectives can be met.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

For our private equity and VC investments, we look at companies, their management, their definition of the market and how it is addressed before making our investment decisions. Proprietary technology, patents and exclusive IP also play a large role as well as other contributing factors.

BCP’s global network of strategic industry contacts includes institutions, consultants, fund managers, investment bankers and C-level executives to provide management, marketing and operations assistance to our partner companies.

M&A Advisory

The M&A Advisory Unit at Barenberg Capital Partners specializes in facilitating transactions in various sectors around the globe.  We can assist companies through all stages of the M&A process in addition to providing additional capital if needed.  Transactions typically range from $3mm to $100mm, but we have the resources and the experience to provide both advisory and capital solutions on transactions that are significantly higher.
Barenberg Capital Partners. Deal Size by Industry.

Our Principles


Our clients trust us because we guarantee them the highest quality of service and fulfill every obligation we have.


We guarantee complete confidentiality of all information related to the projects and principals involved.

Individual approach

Each project has its own individual characteristics and we design and manage our financing solutions accordingly.

*There can be no assurance that any investment objectives can be met.